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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Romantic Sales#3: Attention

February is the most romantic month of the year. In the lead-up to Valentine's day we are encouraging you to be romantic with your selling by sharing our Romantic Sales tips.  We'll cover the top 10 tips to spice up your sales in time for Valentine's day. Make February 14th the day you start Romancing Your Customers.

Tip # 3: Attention
Our first two tips were Care and Listen

Our 3rd tip is Attention.  Give someone your un-divided Attention. When you Listen to them really focus in on what they are saying - give them your attention.  In today's noisy world, the most valuable thing you can give someone is your attention. Attention has become  a scarce thing.

Your goal is for your customers to love you and that means you need to given them your attention to make them feel special.

Avoid the temptation to make notes of the conversation with your iPad - it can seem like you are busy doing your emails rather than listening to them.  If you make notes about some trivial remark you may inadvertently make yourself look stupid. If they say something ground-breaking or unexpected, that would be the time to gasp, look shocked or make a note.

Eye contact is an important part of giving someone your attention. Different people have different levels of comfort over the level of eye contact so pay attention to what is acceptable on your first sales date.

The reptilian brain has been around for hundreds of millions of years and you may have noticed reptiles don't say much.  Humans are thought to have learnt how to speak a few hundred thousand years ago so the brain relies more on body language, sounds (tone of delivery) than the actual words you say.  The words you use are thought to account for less than 7% of the communication.  Body language is important.  

What message about how "attentive you are" does your body language give?

If you look like you want to escape from your prospect or grab their wallet, you will be subliminally giving the wrong message to your wannabe sales bride.  The message you want to give off is that you are comfortable with yourself and them, you are not in a hurry and willing to give them lots of your time but respecting that they may be willing to only give you a few minutes of their time. Make those minutes count. 

Smiling and nodding are important body cues to confirm your level of attention.

Body mirroring also re-enforces attention. Don't fake body mirroring - it will not appear natural and will build distrust destroying the goal of giving the prospect your un-divided attention.

In summary. Show you care. Listen attentively.

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