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Tuesday 12 February 2013

Romantic Sales # 10: I would walk 500 miles

February is the most romantic month of the year. This is the final tip In the lead-up to Valentine's day. We are encouraging you to be romantic with your selling by sharing our Romantic Sales tips.  We've covered our top 10 tips to spice up your sales in time for Valentine's day. Make tomorrow, February 14th,  the day you start Romancing Your Customers.

Tip # 10: I would walk 500 miles
The Proclaimers song I would walk 500 miles isn't exactly a romantic ditty however the lyrics capture the spirit of romance.  They would walk 500 miles to fall down at your door.

Forget going the extra mile. They are prepared to go 500 miles and 500 more!

The fact is there are a lot of suitors for your prospect's affections. To win the sale you need to go the extra mile. And not just once. Maybe 500 times go  the extra mile.

You have to show you are special. Romancing your prospect will mean investing your time, effort, creativity and commitment to woo your prospect.

To win the heart of your prospect they need to believe, like and trust you .

When you approach them, you need to be nice. Not nice in the sense that women use that he is "nice" but not boyfriend material but nice in the sense that you stand out. How many other sales guys simply hit on them without doing the leg work?  By researching them, understanding them and identifying their needs you are already demonstrating you are special and not a typical man - sorry sales guy.  Then if your emails and phone calls are polite, demonstrate that you have put the effort in and not simply hit on them you will stand out.  If you can trigger curiosity then you will really stand-out.

Even after all this you might get blown out on your first approach. Faint heart never won fair maiden. You need to be persistent. There may be no chance of a sale of your product but that shouldn't stop you from romancing this prospect.  You can still send relevant, targeted industry information to them with a personal note on a regular basis afterwards - demonstrating that you are thinking of them and their needs even though there is no hope of you selling your product.

Let's stop for a second and analyse what is going on in the prospects head. They know you will never get a sale of your product.  You graciously acknowledged that they will never buy your product. They now never expect to hear from you again because there's nothing in it for you yet there you are still showering them with gifts.  They will initially think - what an idiot - maybe he didn't understand. Then when you continue to show your affections for them and go the extra mile without any hope of there being anything in it for you they will think you are crazy. Then they will become confused and eventually they will think - what a nice guy! Stupid but nice. Eventually they will think "I believe and trust in this person". OK you may never get an order directly from this person but you have got a friend and a supporter. They may move companies and want to do business with you. The situation in their company may change and you will automatically be in the short-list. Or they may put a good word in for you elsewhere. You have created an intimate trusting relationship.

The point is you willingly give your affections expecting nothing in return.  A gift is a powerful thing.

So let's recap on the last 10 days of Romantic Sales tips

#1 : I'll take care of you
      Adopt a what's in it for your customer approach and show you care
#2:  Listen to your heart
       Ask questions from your customers perspective. Learn what's in their heart
#3:  Attention
       Give 100% of your focus and attention to prospect when you are with them. Make them special
#4: ABC of love
       Stop closing. Start being Casanova. Close by creating natural seductive progress
#5: Gift of love
      Shower your prospects with gifts showing you care
#6: Smile like you mean it
      Smile when meet and when you leave regardless of the outcome
#7: Respect
      Respect your customers views and be curious about differences of opinion. Avoid damaging conflict
#8: Common Ground
     Find out what you have in common. Opposite's attract might work in the movies but not in sales. Show what you have in common and why you are made for each other.
#9 James Bond
     Exude confidence and self belief but not arrogant and egotistical. Women and customers love confidence.

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  It's a day where you show your affection to your love one or are brave enough to approach that someone you have admired from afar.  So on this special day get out there and start Romancing Your Sales.  Use your best romantic moves on an established client. Find the courage to approach that prospect that you want to win over and woo them.

And to help you even more on Valentine's Day, you can download Romancing The Sale on Amazon Kindle for free on Valentine's Day.

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