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Monday 4 February 2013

Romantic Sales #2: Listen to your heart

February is the most romantic month of the year. In the lead-up to Valentine's day we are encouraging you to be romantic with your selling by sharing our Romantic Sales tips.  We'll cover the top 10 tips to spice up your sales in time for Valentine's day. Make February 14th the day you start Romancing Your Customers.

Tip # 2: Listen to your heart
When you are infatuated with someone you may want to hear everything about them however in those early stages of a relationship, only talking about yourself can make you seem very boring and a turn-off.

When you listen to someone and ask questions about them, you are perceived as being interesting despite the fact you rarely speak or say anything about yourself.

So what is your selling style?  

Do you jump straight to your life story....."Our company was formed in 1982. Our founder had the vision to create the most boring waffle to make our prospects brain dead by telling them everything our company has ever done. In 1983 we had a new product idea that used the XYZ chip from MegaChip. The engineers were so excited about the chip - we built a very fast product that could go from zero to 250 Oogaflops in 1 second. We loved it and it had an amazing 2 elephant of RAM....."

Most people are simply not interested. Especially on a first sales date. 

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about them and understand what is important to them.

Questions are your friend since they have to do the talking when you ask them.

Remember you have 2 ears and 1 mouth - use them in that ratio.

By listening attentively you can find out about their company, their needs and be perceived as interesting too. By listening you will be seen as more attractive - and it works in sales too!

Listening is not a easy skill.  When they are talking, it is not an opportunity for you to spend time formulating your next question or to plan what you are going to say next. Listen to what they are saying. Maybe take notes of questions that might come into your head  whilst they are speaking.

Be interesting and different by listening rather than switching to the "Telling" sales pitch

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