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Monday 11 February 2013

Romantic Sales #9 : James Bond

February is the most romantic month of the year. In the lead-up to Valentine's day we are encouraging you to be romantic with your selling by sharing our Romantic Sales tips.  We'll cover the top 10 tips to spice up your sales in time for Valentine's day. Make February 14th the day you start Romancing Your Customers.

Tip # 9: James Bond
Do you believe in what you are selling?

Confidence is important in sales.  If you appear nervous or unsure of what you are selling then your prospect will be unsure about you.

Do women find James Bond attractive? Sure they do. They love the confidence and self belief that he exudes. Given the choice of the timid guy in the corner or smooth confidence of James Bond, which one will the girl pick?

James Bond doesn't give off a brash, cocky image. He's confident and full of self belief.

You need to work on being confident. Women want to be swept off their feet and customers are kind of the same.  Confidence is attractive.

First impressions count.  People make up their mind about you within 30 seconds. In fact they have probably built an impression of you before they meet in person.  The emails you send, the phone calls you've made to them, all add up to make an impression.  That impression needs to give off confidence.  If you're uncertain of what you are selling then your lack of confidence can be a reason why they might refuse to meet with you and they will certainly "what's in it for me".
Without confidence then your chances of getting that first date are greatly reduced.

James Bond doesn't moan or complain. No matter how bad a journey he has to get to his destination, he always looks immaculate. He might have been chased by an army of ninjas through a city. He had to scramble through holes, drains and other obstacles to reach his destination where he's cool, smooth, seductive, calm, smiling and immaculately dressed. He's probably smiling because he feels smug about dodging all those ninjas. Your commute to your prospects office may have caused you stress but it is nothing in comparison.

So work on your confidence and self belief and you'll be more attractive. Give off that Romantic James Bond impression.

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