My job is selling technology. Actually I'm more of a translator. I sell technology to other businesses and that's where things get weird. There is a bewildering array of tech out there and unfortunately many companies think technology sells itself and the value that the technology delivers should be obvious. Wrong. That's where I come in. I said I was a translator. My job is to translate techno babble into value that customers understand. This blog share my adventures with high tech sales. Selling high tech is fun so come join me on my sales journey!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

FREE: Download Romancing The Sale for free

I am giving away my book, Romancing The Sale for free - well for 3 days anyway.

From Thursday 29th November 12 to Saturday 1st Dec you can download it for free on the Amazon Kindle store.

All I ask in return is that you place a review on Amazon when you have finished.

I've had quite a few people say they don't have a Kindle. You can still download and read it even if you don't have a kindle. There are Kindle readers available on iPhone/iPad,  Android and even PC.

Download Romancing The Sale

It has seven 5* reviews and one 4* review so I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Here's a sample review of the most recent review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A unique mix of tongue in cheek stuff with very serious no nonsence sales advice!, 24 Nov 2012
This review is from: Romancing the sale (Kindle Edition)
I must agree with many of the other reviewers - this is an original book which has some excellent advice within its (electronic) pages. The authors analogy to dating sounds a little cringey perhaps but stick with it - its well worth the read. Many people will resonate with this approach as they read through this book but there is also a very serious side to this work. It thus gives a unique insight into the world of sales and there's lots of facts and stories from the real world too. Highly recommended.       

Enjoy the book.  I'm busy working in my limited spare time on the sequel  Romancing The Sale: Word Chemistry  and a short free book on the mindset you need for start-ups.

On a different note I have been sharing my experiences of how successful  the different strategies for book promotion are, on my blog. I will share at a later date, the results of how effective free promotion and social media campaigns are.

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