My job is selling technology. Actually I'm more of a translator. I sell technology to other businesses and that's where things get weird. There is a bewildering array of tech out there and unfortunately many companies think technology sells itself and the value that the technology delivers should be obvious. Wrong. That's where I come in. I said I was a translator. My job is to translate techno babble into value that customers understand. This blog share my adventures with high tech sales. Selling high tech is fun so come join me on my sales journey!

Thursday 18 October 2012

My book is out on Kindle

I'm feeling guilty that I have not posted a blog for nearly 2 months. Particularly as I made a promise to myself to blog an article at least twice per month.

Hopefully my excuse is acceptable. I've been working hard in my spare time (the time when I would normally find time to blog) on my book. It's now out on Kindle!! Romancing the Sale, as the title suggests is about winning sales by making your customers love you.  It takes a fun look at sales by comparing the sales process with the world of dating.

Some of the things you will discover in my book are:

Find out why using the same sales technique on your mother-in-law, that you used on your girlfriend,  will get you a slap or unexpectedly into bed with her.

Why Mr Spock, the character from Star Trek, is useless at selling?

What's going on in your head and your prospect's head during the sales process?

I have a limited number of free samples of the book to give away. I need to read the Amazon documentation again as it wasn't clear how to give these away.  Ping me if you're interested in reading it and you have a Kindle (or Kindle app). The only thing I would ask is that you write a review. Once I figure out their system I'll

I enjoyed doing writing the book so much that I'm already thinking about my second (and third) book!

Romancing the Sale is available on Kindle now priced £7.20 in the UK and $9.99 in the US. The paperback version will be out  January 2013.


  1. PROMOTION. Monday 22nd Oct until midnight PST, my book Romancing The Sale is available for free on Kindle. Don't miss your chance to grab a free copy.

  2. My first review on Amazon is 5*

    The analogy of sales to dating is a great concept and in my opinion so true. Anyone aspiring to a long-term career in sales/marketing would be well advised to learn from the years of experience Steve has articulated here in such a clever way. If you have enjoyed a successful career in this area Steve's book will ensure you recall some great business 'romances' you never even knew you had!

  3. Another 5* review on Amazon!

    Steve's book works because it sits upon a solid observation. You'll never sell anything ethically and sustainably unless you build sound relationships. There's plenty of practical advice to help you understand the best way to help people buy your product or service. Get this book, but remember you need to apply the teaching otherwise nothing will happen.

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